How To Use The Wilcom Carving Stamp

I recently read a FaceBook post on one of the Irish Dance groups I belong to where someone was looking for a quote to have a design digitized. The gal posted a photo of the design on the fabric and, needless to say, I was challenged. I started wondering how good a job I could do; if I could redraw the design in CorelDraw from the picture she posted; and, then, how would I go about digitizing it. In the process of studying her photo, I also began to wonder how wide the satin columns were. They didn’t look all that wide, but it got me thinking… and wondering… because when I look at a lot of the Irish Dance Dresses out there, a lot of the designs I see are digitized with two satin stitch columns side by side to give them a wide appearance. In Wilcom, you can easily take a wide satin column and apply a “Satin Split” which will add extra stitch penetrations to those areas that are too wide for comfort, but it leaves the sections that are within the normal parameters alone.  It’s a good thing because it helps to prevent the stitches from being pulled out during the course of normal wear and tear. Most of my customers (and myself), however, don’t necessarily like how it looks on the end product.  So it got me wondering if the folks embroidering these dresses are actually digitizing two columns or achieving the look in some other manner. Needless to say, digitizing two columns would be quite tedious, so I reached out to a digitizing group I belong to and one of the members suggested I give the “Carving Stamp” a try.  Mind you, the Carving Stamp has been in my Wilcom software since day one, I just really never saw any particular use for it, so it pretty much got lost in the shuffle!  But….WOW! What a handy little tool this is going to turn out to be!  I spent the day today learning how to use it and it’s ridiculously easy! That, in turn, prompted me to use my handy, dandy, Snagit screen capture program to do a video screen capture of the process, which caused me to video the satin column being stitched out on my ZSK embroidery machine, which, [sigh], finally got me to learn how to combine two videos, add a couple of callouts and transitions and figure out how to upload it. I love this stuff!  (Is this what you would call being a geek?) I’ll get brave next time and try to add some voice instructions — one step at a time — I learned enough for today! Hope you enjoy it!