Monogramming A Leather Bag


I inadvertently bought myself a leather tote bag (Nordstrom Anniversary Tote by Madewell) this Christmas! Just a day in the life of an embroiderer, I guess. Most embroiderers shy away from doing leather, but it’s really not all that difficult if you take your time and learn the ins and outs. This is the first time I have really had difficulty with leather though. Not sure what happened – whether it was the type or thickness of the leather, or whether the black painted stripe down the middle could have affected something. I received an order to monogram two of these….sewed several samples on leather scraps the same thickness, but when I put the tote on the embroidery machine the thread kept shredding and the end result just didn’t look nice on the bag. Yup — you guessed it — it’s was now “freak out time!”  I went to Nordstrom’s website to purchase another one and they were sold out. Called and got the same answer, but they stated they send their “end-of-life” products (if you will) to Nordstrom Rack, so I head on over there and, of course, they were also sold out.  Tried the site and, you guessed it, “Sold out!”  I’m really freaking out at this point and just kept on searching.  God bless EBay! There it was!! PHEW! Crisis averted (after paying $30 for overnight shipping).  Now, however, I’m really angry and thinking about what I can do to salvage the destroyed tote. AHA! I just happened to have a really nice piece of thinner black leather that I recently purchased to repair my sister’s favorite purse and embroidered my initials on that. Removed the original monogram from the tote, glued the leather to the bag and top stitched with my Juki DNU-1541S (love, love, love this machine!!). Just like new! I’m happy! But…. wish me luck — I still have two more to do today! Here’s the result. What do you think??