How I Did The Lace Repair

Here’s how I did the repair…I put the top on a padded surface, took a picture and scanned it into my embroidery software. Every time I looked at the pattern of the lace, I kept seeing something different, so I really just winged it and digitized two lines of running stitches side-by-side as the base for the lace and then added a 1.5 mm zig-zag stitch on top of the running stitch base so the zig-zag stitches had something to hold onto and it would not fall apart. I then hooped a heavy water soluble stabilizer and embroidered it using Madeira Frosted Matte White Thread, rinsed the stabilizer out and let it air dry. This does tend to make the stitches stiff, but that helped in manipulating it when it came time to make the actual repair on the top. I then placed my embroidered lace under the original lace playing with the pattern until I was satisfied with how it looked and where it would join to the original lace on the shirt and hand stitched it in place. After hand stitching and, as a precaution to make sure it was really secure, I then added zig-zag stitches on my home sewing machine. Voila! I think it turned out quite nice.