Denim Jean Patch

I was asked to repair a hole in a pair of denim jeans this weekend. These jeans belong to a man and he’s not the type of guy that’s into funky little patches with designs or skulls on them. Not one of my favorite tasks, and that’s simply because I can never seem to make it look like it’s not a patch (if you know what I mean). The hole is in the knee area and the denim is worn in that area. I purchased some cotton denim at Joann Fabrics and tried to match the color as closely as possible. Then I took some sandpaper (3M P120 Medium Grit) and distressed it. It should distress more when they’re washed so I was careful not to distress too much. I cleaned up the edges of the hole and then basically digitized a simple rectangle applique a bit bigger than the hole using a loose fill stitch. If you look carefully at the back of the denim, you will notice that the denim weave is on an angle, and the fill stitch is angled to match so it blends in as much as possible. The thread I used was Coats Denim Thread. No one ever thinks of using regular sewing thread in an industrial embroidery machine, but it really blended well with the denim and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it embroidered! Here’s a sample sew out as I was trying to decide whether to put the patch on top of or under the hole and a picture of the final patch on the jeans.
In the end, I wound up putting it under but I’m still undecided which I like better.