Clover Roll and Press

I belong to several bag making groups on FaceBook and recently watched a video the other day where the “Clover Roll and Press” was used. This neat little tool was also packaged as a “Press Perfect” and is also commonly known as a “Brayer.” The gal in the video didn’t mention what it was so I went on an Internet mission to find it! Joann Fabrics said each store in my area had two in stock, so I took a ride out to buy it. Lo and behold, couldn’t find it and when I asked the salesperson, she stated it was being discontinued and, if they still had it, I would find it in one of their clearance bins. She never bothered to help me look for it (which made me wonder why I wanted to shop there), but I guess aggravation is a good thing because it made me want to scour those clearance bins until I found it. I didn’t hold out much hope but, lo and behold, I found the last one on the back wall buried on the bottom of a junk bin. It was marked $19.95. At the register it was discounted to $9.99 and I had a 50% off coupon so I got it for $5!!! I was SO excited because I’m not really a coupon gal and when I go to use them they are usually expired! This is the coolest little tool for opening those hard to get at seams and is usually used by quilters. Just had to share. The smallest things just make me so happy!! You can still find this tool at Clover’s website, on or and, I guess if you’re lucky, you may still be able to find it at Joann Fabrics.