Who Is The Kacy J Co?


Kathy Stone

It is, actually, me, Kathy Stone. I was nicknamed “Kacy” by a German friend who could not pronounce the “th” in Kathy so she began calling me Kacy and writing me letters spelled with the “c”. When the company I worked for was sold back in 1998 and my career as an Executive Assistant was at a crossroads, I decided it was time to be my own boss and start an embroidery business. It was a natural thing as I’ve been sewing since the 7th grade, but I was in a total quandary about what to name the business! I wanted it to be a name that people would not forget – and my sister just one day out of the blue said “why don’t you call it “The Kacy J Co.!” And the rest…as they say – is history.

My earliest experience with embroidery was when mom enrolled me in Mrs. Wilson’s sewing classes. I will never forget the very first thing she had us do was sew our name in an outline stitch on a square piece of white sheeting. Every week thereafter we learned a new stitch until that piece of fabric turned into a pillow sampler which I still have to this day (although my dog ate it back in the late 1970′s!) The world of electronic embroidery opened up when I purchased a Viking #1 Plus, however, frustration quickly set in because the hoops weren’t large enough to do jacket back designs, nor could I do cap embroidery! Thus, research into industrial machines and digitizing software began and this great big and exciting world just opened up and has evolved ever since.

Embroidery has evolved and changed greatly since those first days, and after the passing of my mom in January 2015, I “semi-retired” and took this past year to restructure, learn and focus full-time on the things I truly enjoy:

Irish Dance
Embroidery and Digitizing
Pattern Drafting
Custom Sewing and Alterations